Which app most-effectively gives commuters the real-time MBTA information needed to navigate their way around the Boston region? Whether they’re using the subway, commuter rail, bus or ferry, the MBTA will answer that question by hosting a contest to select and officially endorse an app for real-time MBTA information.

MBTA customers take 1.3 million rides daily and dozens of apps provide travelers with a wide variety options on how to get information about their trips. While this array of options allows the dedicated user to find the one that’s right for them, for many riders the proliferation of single-purpose apps can lead to confusion and does not always meet the T’s goal for a seamless customer service. A single prominently endorsed app can provide a tremendous improvement in customer experience.

A public forum will be held on Aug. 12th at 10 Park Plaza, where developers will showcase their products. This event will feature a group of finalists from existing apps currently being used by the public.
Here are the kinds of features the MBTA expects the submissions to provide its customers:

• Customizable in-app alerting
• Innovative means of customer feedback within app
• Integration with our mobile ticketing provider, Masabi
• Advanced data collection that continues to respect our customers’ privacy

The winner will have their app featured prominently on the MBTA website for a full year, and be officially endorsed by the MBTA. The winner will be announced in September.