3 Essential Tips For Scaffolding Safety

scaffolding safety tips

If you operate a construction business, you are probably already aware of the dangers associated with the use of scaffolding on job sites. Indeed, falls from scaffolding account for more than 50% of all construction site fatalities every year. To address these risks, you need to have the proper safety procedures in place. Here are three scaffolding safety tips to help you prevent costly accidents.

  1. Properly Train Employees

All employees that use the scaffolding or are in the vicinity of the structure should be trained in safety procedures. This training must cover the correct use and handling of scaffolding materials. It also needs to address load capacities and the danger of electrocution.

  1. Make Safety Equipment Mandatory

Employees working on or around scaffolding should always wear protective equipment. This should include the use of hard hats and non-slip boots. Also, employing tool lanyards can prevent injuries as a result of falling apparatuses.

  1. Use Fall Arrest Systems

Fall arrest systems can prevent serious injury should a fall occur. Systems typically include a full-body harness, a lanyard, or a retractable lifeline and a connector. The connector is securely fastened to a sturdy anchorage point, like an l-beam, that would not allow for more than six feet of free-fall.

Injuries can cost your company time and money. Moreover, your employees work hard for you and deserve to be protected. If you use these three tips, you can keep your business and staff safe by preventing falls and other accidents caused by the use of scaffolding.