Common Reasons You May Need DO Coverage

You never know what might happen next in life. If you’re the owner of a business, then the uncertainty of the future offers a lot more than the chance to be surprised. An unexpected twist of fate can easily spell out financial ruin if you’re not careful. What’s worse, there are going to come times when some of these issues stem from individuals working for your company in higher positions. In such scenarios, it is best to have insurance that protects you from the errors made by directors and officers.

Common D&O Claims

There are plenty of D&O claim examples to keep yourself familiar with. Credit fraud and misrepresentation are some of the bigger issues that can come about. Thankfully, a quality policy for D&O coverage will protect you in the event of these problems. Should any of your directors or officers make a mistake that could lead to disaster for your company, your insurance will act as the shield you need. Other examples of claims that can occur due to the actions of your directors and officers include:

  • Breaking negotiation agreements
  • Stealing corporate information
  • Attempting to recruit from competitors

Review the Basics

When it comes to protecting your business in an appropriate way, it is best to consider all possible options with your insurance. Take a moment to consider how D&O insurance can cover all your bases and face the future with a sense of confidence.