Do You Need Alternative Solutions

Arroyo Insurance

As a business owner, you know that there are inherent risks to running your company. What happens when traditional insurance does not cover these risks? This is when you have to look for alternatives. What is alternate risk coverage? Here is what you need to know.

What Are Specialized Risks?

In general, the business environment has changed. On top of the technological developments, employment issues and the fact that no two businesses are the same, different industries have different risks. Industries that may experience specialized risks include:

  • The entertainment industry
  • The food industry
  • The healthcare industry
  • The construction industry
  • The manufacturing industry

The experts at Arroyo Insurance explain how traditional insurance does not always support special risks. In a lot of cases,  businesses need tailor-made solutions.

What Are Specialized Solutions?

There are a number of different solutions when you have a company that has specialized risks. With unique risks, you often need a flexible plan so that you have full control over your coverage options. Some specialized solutions include:

  • Captives
  • Self-insurance
  • Event-triggered risk transfer solutions
  • Catastrophe bonds
  • Large deductibles

Your needs can only be determined by the business you own. If you have a business with risks that you can’t find coverages for in a standard market, then you may need more custom and specialized solutions.