Does Your Insurance Cover Risks Posed By Smart Technology?


Healthcare businesses face unique risks that often require unique, industry-specific coverage. In addition to professional liability for doctors and other licensed medical practitioners working for your company, you also need to manage liability risks posed by the medical products used in procedures and treatments, as well as the public liability risks of a company open to visitors and walk-in clientele. Then, on top of that, there is the extra coverage needed to protect employees at all levels, and risks posed by ubiquitous technology that is often exposed to the machines you count on to properly care for patients.

Smart-Tech Specific Risks

Smart technology often relies on wireless electromagnetic signals whose effects are not completely understood. As such, the regulations about exposing other sensitive electronics to their emissions have been fluctuating over the years as research has emerged. In addition to those risks and shifting regulations, the newest generation of wireless devices carries new risks because smart tech is designed to interface with other devices, making them a possible point of exposure for cybersecurity issues. Risk management for tech in healthcare businesses has to include insurance that is aware of the complex nature of the risks posed to medical businesses by emerging technology, especially in light of the additional privacy protections the companies in this industry have to uphold.