Getting Contractors Insurance in Connecticut

Contractors Insurance

If you need to build a commercial insurance package for your contracting company, there’s a lot that you need to evaluate. In addition to general liability, there are several other key types of policies that you may need. When you’re building a package, carefully consider the applications and amounts of each policy endorsement.

Insurance Coverage as a Prerequisite to Projects

Contractors insurance CT may be required to work on certain projects. A request for proposals may stipulate that a contractor needs to have a certain level or specific types of insurance coverage in order to be eligible to bid on a project. Prospective clients may want you to include a certificate of insurance in a bid package and then list them as an additional insured or an interested party once you’ve won a project.

Applicable Coverage

In addition to policies for contractor’s liability or general liability, you will likely need commercial auto insurance, equipment and tool coverage, and workers’ compensation coverage. Depending on the type and length of projects that you work on, it may be necessary to obtain policies for specific projects such as a builder’s risk or course of construction policy.

Work with an insurance company that is experienced in serving clients in your field. They can help you build a comprehensive commercial package at a competitive rate.