Going Beyond Basic Property Insurance

Responsible property owners know that maintenance is one part of the picture. Having sufficient property insurance is another part. Such a policy is necessary to help cover losses and damages to your residential or commercial building due to things like fire, theft, and certain weather-related events. You might think you’re covered and protected if you suffer major damage due to flooding or an earthquake. Unfortunately, you would be wrong.

What More Do I Need?

Depending on where you live, your policy may have limited protection for damage due to flooding. In many areas, such policies don’t cover damage to objects inside the building or home. Earthquake damages aren’t usually addressed by property policies. Consider these major final impacts due to unprotected damage from flooding or earthquakes:

  • The cost to replace or rebuild your property
  • The cost to replace damaged belongings
  • The cost to temporarily relocate during repairs

These costs can be extensive and insurmountable without the right coverages.

What Should I Do Next?

It’s important to work with a provider who is experienced in offering products such as excess earthquake insurance. That insurer can help you decide what you need and determine the best way to secure that additional protection. Don’t leave your property and belongings to chance. Boost your property coverage with flood and earthquake policies today.