Insurance Coverage for Semi Trucks and Rigs

rig insurance

There is no single blanket insurance policy if you own or drive a semi-truck. You can drive for a fleet or you can own your own truck and trailer. You may haul common dry goods or could be carrying hazardous materials. No matter what situation you are operating under it is essential to obtain the right rig insurance to make sure you, your vehicle and your cargo are all adequately protected.

Basic Commercial Coverage

Driving a semi-truck has many inherent risks that make insurance a wise investment, and certain minimum coverages are required even at the federal level. Primary commercial coverage is typically the base policy and protects others in case of an accident caused by you. General liability is a step up from that and carries even more protection.

Specialized Endorsements

Sometimes additional coverage is needed that is more specialized. These may be needed depending on your situation and can be added on to standard commercial policies.

  • Bobtail insurance
  • Cargo insurance
  • Contingent liability
  • Hazmat insurance

Having the right insurance protection as a trucker can depend on what you do and what you haul. It can be confusing to understand all the different coverages so speaking with an insurance professional will help ensure you have all the protection you need.