Insurance Requirements Specifically for Towing Companies

Byrnes Agency Insurance

As with all companies, a towing business needs insurance. After all, the work you do can be dangerous, for your employees and other drivers. As such, your towing business is required to have certain insurance policies in place for safety and damages. Before you choose an insurance policy, you should know that there are certain towing company insurance requirements that work to keep your business, your employees and other drivers safe.

Types of Coverage for Towing Businesses

In general, most towing companies are required to have auto liability insurance to protect the company against broad coverages. It’s also common for companies to carry insurance that covers the cost of medical expenses if one of your drivers is in an accident. Other areas of coverage your towing company may be required to carry include:

  • Damage inflicted to vehicles you tow
  • Damage inflicted to your tow truck
  • Damage inflicted on vehicles you store at a garage
  • Damage caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver

Find Your Towing Insurance Program

If you’re wondering if what towing company insurance requirements you need, be sure to check out the information provided by Byrnes Agency Insurance. Once you know what type of coverage you need to protect your company and your drivers, find a program that is right for you so you can be insured today.