Is USLH Insurance Required for Your Marine Business?

USLH Insurance

A majority of businesses that hire employees are obligated to carry worker’s compensation insurance. This holds true for marine businesses as well; however, the United States Longshore and Harbor Act also requires USL&H coverage for companies who work on or near U.S. navigable waters.

USL&H Extends the Benefit of Worker’s Comp Insurance

USL&H insurance offers added protections for injuries or illnesses sustained while on the job. The additional employee benefit compensates the worker for lost wages resulting from missed work. Should an employee lose the ability to remain employed in the same capacity after recovering from the illness or injury, USL&H coverage will also pay the individual for loss of earning potential. As stated on, you are legally responsible for providing this added benefit if you have employees who participate in

  • Loading or unloading vessels
  • Vessel reparations or building
  • Work on marine railroads
  • Required activities on dry docks, piers, or wharfs

If you operate a company that does business in or around the water in the United States, chances are that you will be required to carry supplementary insurance to cover workplace injuries and illnesses. The fines for failure to do so are steep and the potential for imprisonment also exists. Obtaining USL&H coverage for your employees protects you, your business, and the people who work for your company.