Nonprofit Event Liability Concerns and Best Practices

nonprofit event liability

Event hosting is a phenomenal platform for your nonprofit organization to raise awareness for its mission and potentially garner donations. Ideally, any type of event should be planned with a strong eye towards safety.

Screen Your Volunteers Thoroughly

According to VIS, an effective way to mitigate the risks presented by bringing in a volunteer workforce in contact with the population who your organization serves is to obtain a background check in advance of an event or volunteer orientation. If a volunteer will be handling money or donations on behalf of your organization, it’s also advisable to perform a consumer credit check.

Monitor the Physical Conditions of Your Event Vigilantly

Physically unsafe conditions are the most likely cause of an accident or nonprofit event liability related event occurring at one of your functions. Assign responsibility to a staff member to inspect the premises periodically, and encourage your whole team to stay focused on addressing any safety concerns.

Clarify Your Insurance Coverage in Advance

However, despite a great deal of caution and planning before an event, accidents can still happen. An essential part of being prepared to host your event is ascertaining that it falls within the scope of your organization’s existing liability coverage elections. To be sure, talk to your agent while you’re planning your event so he or she can help answer any questions.