Operating Risks for Entertainment Venues

Entertainment Venues

Those who run a business that focuses on the entertainment industry deal with a set of unique risks that aren’t commonly found in retail or service-provider operations. For comedy clubs, the expense to entertain the masses includes protecting the club owner from a variety of liability claims. Should one of these common comedy club risks lead to a client or patron claim, it could mean curtains for your business.

The Top Exposures

The risks and exposures to accidents and injury are similar to other businesses, especially with regard to general liabilities. These instances include patrons who are hurt while on the premises, property damage that occurs as a result of operations, and advertising injuries such as slander, libel, or copyright infringement. However, there are additional areas of coverage that should be included in an insurance policy if you are going to fully protect your club from financial loss.

  • Business Owners Policy: to cover general liability in addition to on-site property like audio equipment, stage and lighting, food and beverage inventory, and furniture
  • Assault & Battery: to protect the club owners from claims that arise out of fights that take place on the premises
  • Liquor Liability: to protect the club from any instances that include alcohol

Any comedy club should also consider purchasing commercial property insurance, as well as complying with state and federal mandates for worker’s compensation coverage.