Practical Protection Against Canine Attacks

insurance for dog bites

Perhaps one of the greatest concerns of delivery personnel to residential areas is the dreaded guard dog. Angry barking and sharp teeth are a terrifying thought for any person, making them more than willing to comply with posted warnings to keep out. However, all dogs have the potential to bite an individual whether they are small teacup breed or a large canine. For dog owners, taking out insurance for dog bites can be one way to guard against a lawsuit should your dog ever attack someone.


Although you think your neighbors are friendly and the greatest people on earth, a dog bite could change that relationship drastically. It may not be a deep puncture wound, but a scratch could lead to greater injury if infection set in. The financial costs associated with medical care could go upwards into the tens of thousands. Very few homeowners have these resources available, and lawsuits can get time-consuming and sticky.


Depending on the coverage you secure, you can find assistance against liabilities involving both personal injury and property damage. Check a specific provider for the breeds that are covered as well as the limits or inclusions of insurance for dog bites that are associated with guard dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs and family pets.