Solving the Insurance Conundrum

how to keep insurance policies under one roof

Managing several insurance policies written by different providers can be difficult, even for the most organized policyholder. It is often hard to find a single insurance company that offers competitive pricing for automobile, property, health and life insurance, let alone specialized policies for boats, pets or businesses.

Premium payment schedules, coverage limits — it can be difficult to juggle. Nowadays that sort of hassle seems to be the norm, which is why the conundrum of how to keep insurance policies under one roof is a question pondered by many consumers.

Let an Agency Do the Legwork

By choosing an independent agency with access to multiple providers, you can be assured of coverage that meets both your needs and your price point. It may make better financial sense, for example, to bundle some policies with a single insurer. Or not. Once your agent gets to know you better, he or she can advise you on the best route going forward.

Choose an All-Inclusive Agency

Learning how to keep insurance policies under one roof doesn’t stop with the decision to find a quality independent agency. It is very important to consider present and future needs for coverage and choose an agency that offers a wide portfolio of both personal and business products. When you need additional insurance, it will be readily at hand.
Stop the juggling act. Consolidate your insurance needs under one agency umbrella.

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