Three Things That Can Worsen Worker Fatigue

Marine Worker

Fatigue affects workers across industries decreasing safety. Commercial marine worker fatigue poses different risks to companies than those working in an office. Some conditions further exacerbate fatigue and should be monitored for workplace safety.

Medical Conditions

As seen on, pre-existing medical conditions can make the effects of sleeplessness worse. Many health conditions can contribute to insomnia such as arthritis, low back pain, allergies, asthma and hyperthyroidism. Sometimes the medicines taken to relieve symptoms for medical conditions can also cause sleeplessness.

Unrealistic Workloads

An already tired worker will have a more difficult time managing unrealistic workloads. This can lead to costly and even deadly mistakes. The added stress can further increase the worker’s ability to sleep after the shift is over further compounding fatigue over time. Monitor workers to ensure that workloads are realistic and not burdening.

Equipment Noise

Ships and dock equipment make a lot of noise. For a tired individual, loud noises can have negative effects on their ability to manage their duties. The noise can contribute to medical conditions such as high blood pressure and stress which can cause fatigue.

Keeping an eye out for commercial marine worker fatigue should be part of any marine company’s risk management strategy. Fatigue negatively contributes to worker safety. Implementing rest strategies can help keep the crew safe.