Turning Your Restaurant Around

North Star Insurance Agents

If your restaurant isn’t getting the type of business you had hoped for when it opened, it’s time to think about why. What changes do you need to make in order to turn your restaurant around?


The scariest thing a customer can see is an unkempt restaurant. Do you keep the dining room clean? Is your kitchen spotless? Lack of cleanliness in a restaurant doesn’t just scare customers away, it greatly increases the risk of foodborne illnesses and makes you liable for a potential lawsuit. If you are unsure what you could be liable for, contact your North Star insurance agents. North Star insurance agents are standing by to answer your questions.


Take a good look at your menu and try to figure out what you can change.

Do you offer a variety wide enough for your target audience?

Do customers like what you have to offer? Your great-grandmother’s liver and onions might be a family favorite, but does it appeal to enough people?

Is food served hot and fresh to customers, or is it microwaved or served cold?


Make sure that your restaurant’s atmosphere is suited for the sort of clientele you are trying to attract.

Is there enough seating?

How much space is there between tables?

Does the space look clean and organized, or does it look messy and chaotic?

It is disheartening to see that your business isn’t doing as well as you had expected, but don’t lose hope. A few small changes to your restaurant can help turn it around.

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