Warehouse Accident Awareness and Prevention

Warehouse Accident

A warehouse can be an extremely busy environment with numerous hazards. Recognizing and preventing accidents has to be at the forefront of operators’ supervisory responsibilities.

Rack Collapses

Overloading a rack or creating an imbalance can have calamitous consequences. A collapsing or falling rack will cause serious injury to anyone near it.

Falling Objects

A falling object is an obvious hazard that could lead to serious physical injury or death. You need to establish policies about how to securely place and remove items that are stored at a height.

Forklift Accidents

Operating a heavy piece of equipment such as a forklift requires great skill and care, but even the most experienced workers could have an accident. It’s important that you adopt standardized training policies and operational protocols to prevent accidents.

Slip and Falls

A wet surface or a trip hazard in a warehouse can be very dangerous. Ideally, you should have a safety monitor who will be vigilant about conditions that can cause a slip and fall.

Improper Lifting

Back injuries caused by improper lifting are among the most common warehouse injuries. Train your staff about proper lifting techniques.

It’s essential that all warehouse operators take steps to keep their workers safe. In addition to implementing OSHA compliant safety protocols, you need to prioritize training and supervision procedures aimed to create a safe working environment.