Why Assault and Battery Insurance is Essential to Hospitality Establishments

Hospitality Establishments

Unfortunately, hospitality establishments are more likely to encounter assault and battery claims than many other industries, and they can be costly if you’re not careful. This is why stand alone assault and battery insurance is essential to protecting your hospitality company’s financial assets. Here are three reasons why you need this extra coverage.

Avoid Costly Coverage Gaps

Purchasing an assault and battery policy may help you avoid the expensive costs often associated with claims common to the industry. Coverage usually reimburses expenses related to bodily injury and property damage. Even if you don’t serve liquor, other establishments such as restaurants, comedy clubs, sports bars and live music venues still experience incidences and can benefit from this insurance.

Maintain Good Public Name

Many general liability policies don’t include strong legal defense. However, efficient legal defense coverage in an assault and battery policy can avert bad public relations if claims arise. Especially if others claim staff used unnecessary force to apprehend unruly patrons.

Comprehensive Coverage

When you combine stand-alone assault and battery insurance with general liability insurance, you are protecting your hospitality establishment from unforeseen risks and costly claims. This comprehensive coverage is vital to maintaining financial stability and avoiding expenses associated with medical bills or property damage.

Because victims can sue your establishment for violence on-premise or off, don’t go unprotected. You can guard your hospitality business’ assets by merely purchasing proper insurance coverage.